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Drain-Net is changing the way the
restaurant industry approaches drain line
maintenance.  With products that are safe
easy to use, Drain-Netís customers can
dramatically reduce or eliminate drain
backups, cleaning services, and costly
repairs. Drain-Net is proud to be your
distributor for the Guardian Drain Lock.

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Locking your floor sink baskets and floor drains has never been so simple!

Stop paying costly plumbing bills because food, garbage, and large debris is being swept down your drains.  The newly designed Guardian Drain Lock was specifically designed to protect your floor drains and floor sinks from unwanted debris and stoppages in your facility drain lines.  Staff and night cleaners are known for removing drain covers and sweeping large debris down drains.  Unfortunately this eventually leads to clogged drain lines.

Thatís why Drain-Net now offers the ultimate in drain protection: the Guardian Drain Lock.  The stainless steel hybrid Guardian Drain Lock can be installed in seconds, but prevents staff, cleaners, and others from removing it.
Benefits of the Guardian Drain Lock
1.  Increased employee productivity
when they donít have to handle flooded floors and emergency drain backups.

2. Fewer plumbing expenses because preventing drain clogs also mean less calls to a plumber for emergency repairs and drain line jetting.

3.  Decreased frequency of grease trap servicing/pumping due to reduced solid waste in grease trap.

4.  Increase efficiency of grease trap do to reduced debris.

5.  Reduced risk of expensive repairs to piping and sewer lines which can result when bags, rags, large seeds, and other solid waste clog grease traps and pipes.

6. Lower risk to city fines for violating wastewater discharge compliance standards

Triple Protection For Your Drains

Locking your drain is a key preventing large amounts of debris from being swept into your drains and floor sinks.  However, true proper preventative drain maintanence includes the use of a drain strainer and/or a floor sink strainer basket.  Even when employees and staff aren't intentionally sweeping debris down your drains, the likelyhood of unwanted debris entering your drains is still high.  Click on each picture to lear more about the protective powers of each product.
Learn more about the locking security bit used for the Guardian Drain Lock.
Learn more about using a Drain Sock with your Guardian Drain Lock
Learn more about using a Floor Sink Basket with your Guardian Drain Lock
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Don't Let Your Profit$ Go Down The Drain!
Perfect for floor sink baskets or floor drains.
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Now you can Lock your Floor Drains!

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